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Welcome to eMule Morph web site!

Always use official package from this site for security reason!

Release : eMule 0.49a MorphXT 11.0 Released
Reads: 46512
أرسلت بواسطة leuk_he في Monday, May 19

Hi everyone,

The morph version based on emule 0.49a just got released. FOr the morph changes just check the changelog, no mayor additions are added. emule 0.49a brings:

  • Major Kad protocol improvements, like kad obfuscation, better NAT handling, direct callbacks, flood protections, etc.
  • Several changes to the message system to get rid of spammers (by Captchas) and stay in touch with friends with dynamic IPs
  • Several GUI improvements like storing searches between eMule sessions, a searchfilter for shared files and easier access to the comment filter
  • And Much more tweaks

You can download the installer & binary and source code from the usual sourceforge mirrors.

For the changes in this morph version read more:

(أقرأ المزيد ... | 3040 حرفا زيادة | التقييم: 4.27)

Release : eMule morph 10.5 released
Reads: 45081
أرسلت بواسطة leuk_he في Tuesday, November 27

Hello everybody

Version 10.5 is released. There are some tweaks to the upload. Some small options are added also. Use "read more" to the changelog. You can downlaod the binary or installer from the sourceforge mirrors.

Have fun and share

(أقرأ المزيد ... | 1639 حرفا زيادة | التقييم: 4.39)

Release : eMule morph 10.4 released.
Reads: 20523
أرسلت بواسطة leuk_he في Saturday, October 06

Hi everyone,

Here is morph version 10.4. The main focus on this version went to optimising the upload. Upload speed sense is also functioning better in this version. You can download the binary and installer from our sourceforge mirrors

Have fun & share!

(أقرأ المزيد ... | 1195 حرفا زيادة | التقييم: 4.18)

Release : Morph 10.3 Release
Reads: 15641
أرسلت بواسطة leuk_he في Wednesday, September 12

Hi everyone,

Here is morph version 10.3. This version fixes the bug that you cannot connect without obfuscation to a server introduced in 10.2. You can download the installer or the binary from one of the sourceforge mirrors.

Have fun & share!

(أقرأ المزيد ... | 729 حرفا زيادة | التقييم: 4.66)

Release : Morph 10.2 released
Reads: 10258
أرسلت بواسطة leuk_he في Thursday, September 06

Hi everyone,

Here is morph version 10.2. This version adds the option to scan for new subdirectories and share them on a reload. That and some other small improvements make this a more useful mod to releasers and people who want more control over their eMule.

Have fun & share!

(أقرأ المزيد ... | 1441 حرفا زيادة | التقييم: 5)

Release : Morph 10.1 released
Reads: 18901
أرسلت بواسطة leuk_he في Friday, June 29

Version 10.1 is released.

you can download it in our download section.

Have fun & share.

(أقرأ المزيد ... | 1550 حرفا زيادة | التقييم: 3.13)

Release : updated translations.
Reads: 11075
أرسلت بواسطة leuk_he في Sunday, June 10

The polish translation was complete updated by adek, the italian translation is also replaced. You can find them in the download section or in the sourceforge mirrors.

(أقرأ المزيد ... | التقييم: 4.11)

Release : Morph 10.0 released
Reads: 14842
أرسلت بواسطة leuk_he في Thursday, June 07


Morph 10.0 based on emule 0.48a is released. Have fun with it. Feedback on it can be given in the forum

Have fun & share


(أقرأ المزيد ... | 3448 حرفا زيادة | التقييم: 4.12)

News : Happy birthday.
Reads: 10076
أرسلت بواسطة leuk_he في Sunday, May 13

Emule turned 5 years old today.

Happy birthday!

(أقرأ المزيد ... | 358 حرفا زيادة | التقييم: 4.66)

Release : Morph 9.6 released
Reads: 30151
أرسلت بواسطة leuk_he في Tuesday, March 20

Hi everyone,

This version adds a new option "show less controls" in the startup wizard that
tunes the top bar & some lists so less information is shown. So you can now also advice
morph to your beginner friends... Also the new icon as choosen in the forum poll is
implemented here. Download the emule binary  or installer from sourceforge, or see our downloads section.

Have fun & share!

(أقرأ المزيد ... | 1765 حرفا زيادة | التقييم: 4.55)

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